Smitten SMS

What is Smitten SMS?

We have created an area-specific, members-only groups within GroupMe to allow members to connect directly with each other for the purpose of finding someone to attend Smitten events, community events, or just hang out with.  We ask that members use our chat only for the purposes of meeting each other in real life and at a public location.  Unless you have permission, please do not direct message another member.

How do I join Smitten SMS?

Once you sign up for a Basic Membership or above, a Smitten Representative will text you an invite you to Smitten SMS.  Please allow 48 hours for this invitation.  Smitten SMS is currently only available in Omaha.

What can I post within Smitten SMS?

Smitten SMS is to be used strictly for members to connect with each other for the purposes of meeting up with a group of members in real life at a public event or venue.  Examples of permitted activity include finding members to: 

  • Meet at a restaurant for dinner
  • Meet at a bar for a drink
  • Attend a concert with and/or meet up before a concert
  • Go to a community organized 5k
  • Anything that is organized by a community organization or company

Examples of prohibited posts include: 

  • Inviting members to your house for a meal
  • Going on a nature hike by yourselves
  • Anything that is not organized by an official organization or company

For the safety of our members, we will be strictly enforcing this rule. 

What are the Smitten SMS Rules?

To keep Smitten SMS safe for everyone, we have identified the following rules for the service. 

  1. Obey the Smitten Singles Code of Conduct
  2. Smitten SMS may only be used to find people to meet up with at community events hosted by an official organization or company or at a business location such as a bar or restaurant. 
  3. If you agree to meet another member and cannot make it, let them know.  Failing to attend an event you have committed to violates the Smitten Singles Code of Conduct, and is also rude.
  4. Do not direct message another member without permission. 
  5. Be respectful of the times you are posting to Smitten SMS.  Many members receive these messages in their texts and may have noise notifications. 

We are enforcing a strict 3 strikes you’re out rule for the Smitten SMS.  Together, we can make Smitten SMS a safe way for members to connect to enjoy a multitude of activities around our communities. 

Is Smitten SMS private?

Smitten Singles selected GroupMe for our chat service because it keeps phone and email addresses confidential.  Additionally, you may change your name in your profile.  We believe it is the best way to protect your information while connecting you with other members. 

Do I have to have the GroupMe App to participate in Smitten SMS?

No!! GoupMe and Smitten SMS work directly with your text messing service, although standard SMS rates do apply.  The GroupMe app is free and allows you to have additional features such as changing your name and avatar and also allows you to control how you would like to receive messages.

Since many of our members are receiving Smitten SMS messages via their texting service, we do ask that members are considerate about the time they post messages to this service.  Please avoid early mornings and late nights whenever possible. 


How do I join Smitten SMS?

Once you register for a Basic Membership or above, a Smitten representative will reach out via text to invite you to join the Smitten SMS Group.  Please allow 48 hours for this invitation.  

Can I direct message another member on Smitten SMS?

GroupMe does allow for direct messages between contacts, however, you need to create a contact in your account before you can receive direct messages from them.  Additionally, Smitten Singles requests that you do not direct message another member without permission.  

Is Smitten SMS in my community?

Maybe!  Smitten SMS is available where we have a concentration of active members who want to meet other single people.  It is testing in Omaha, with Des Moines and Lincoln soon to follow.  Send us a message at to find out when it will be coming to your community. 

What if I meet up with someone and there's a problem?

No matter what the issue, we’re here to help.  You can message Shannon or Sue via GroupMe or our weekly member texts with any questions.  We also monitor all group chats. If it is an emergency situation please call 911 and find a representative from the organization hosting the event.

If the people you meet are not behaving according to the Smitten Code of Conduct, you may report them and we will investigate.  We take member reports seriously and will take appropriate action.  Additionally, we are enforcing a 3 strikes you’re out a policy with Smitten SMS.  If someone direct messages you without asking, shares profile-like information on the chat, does not show up when they said they would, or violates any other rules discussed here or within the Smitten Code of Conduct three times they will be banned from using the chat service.  Together, we can keep this a safe and fun community for everyone. 

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