Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Smitten Singles a Dating Site?

No!  Smitten Singles is not a dating site – it’s a virtual resource for real connection. Through the site we will offer live and virtual events and comprehensive resource base to assist singles in finding happiness and connection in the real world.  

What services does Smitten Singles offer?

Initially, we will launch with a series of events designed to help people meet other singles.  We will create opportunities for people to step outside their comfort zone, expand their social circle, and discover all that life has to offer.  We currently offer events in Omaha, Des Moines, and online.  Lincoln will be launching in May with many other communities coming soon. 

Why do I need a membership to participate in Smitten Singles events?

Smitten Singles requires memberships for several reasons.  First and foremost, operating as a membership service allows us to enforce our code of conduct, ensuring that our membership consists of people who hold the same values.  The cost of memberships also covers some of our basic costs of running Smitten Singles. As a member you will receive access to several free events monthly, however, many of our events also have associated fees.  This method allows us to pass on the actual costs of services to those members that are using them the most. 

Is there a cost for Smitten Singles Events?

The monthly Smitten Singles Social is offered to our members at no cost.  While there may be other free events, many live and virtual events will be available for a fee that will be clearly stated on the event page, along with the items included in your costs. You are expected to pay all extra costs associated with your attendance at official and unofficial Smitten engagements.  Smitten Singles does not have a liquor license, so in most cases (depending on the state) you will be responsible for your alcohol purchases. Online-only members will have access to virtual events only. 

Most of our events have an administration fee.  We strive to keep our memberships at an accessible cost for everyone.  This means that frequently the membership cost does not cover our expenses setting up and managing events.  Utilization of the administrative fee helps us charge the members that are using services for the costs associated with offering these services. 


Who can join Smitten Singles?

Smitten Singles is targeted toward individuals who are not in a committed, monogamous, relationship.  Live events are currently offered in Omaha, Lincoln, and Des Moines. 

Individuals in committed relationships, who may be separated but legally married, or are not looking for a monogamous romantic connection are not prohibited from joining Smitten Singles but are asked to refrain from using our service for dating purposes, per our Code of Conduct. 

Does Smitten Singles perform background checks?

Smitten Singles does not preform background checks.  Members are asked to adhere to a Code of Conduct and their membership may be terminated if this is violated.  Additionally, we encourage all members to utilize judgment and safety best practices when meeting strangers.  If at any point a member feels that the Code of Conduct has been violated, they may report the violating member.  Smitten Singles will perform an investigation, and determine the most appropriate step from coaching through termination – based on the offense. Together we can help make Smitten Singles a community of people with shared values.  




Smitten Singles will offer a series of events designed to help you meet other singles and discover places around the community.  

  • Monthly Smitten Singles Social. 
  • Small group events such as dinners, cultural activities, outdoor activities, and more. 
  • Opportunity to connect with other Smitten Singles members at events you’re already attending. 
  • Virtual learning events with dating and relationship experts.


Virtual Support

Smitten Singles offers a variety of support tools to assist you with navigating the real world of dating.  These services include:

  • Smitten Singles Blog, Newsletter, and Resource pages.
  • Date suggestions.
  • First date notification to partner businesses.
  • A community of singles to help expand your social circle.
  • More services coming throughout 2022! 

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